An object, a logo, a poster or a book all need a shape to exist.
This shape has to trigger some emotions in order to be understood.

We think that successfull communication is simple and functional and that form follows function.

With communication we grow awareness, understanding and preference.
We deploy all our creative and technical means to reach those objectives.

A picture is worth a thousand words



Corporate Design

Creation and production of graphic elements that make up the image of an organisation.


Development of the message that triggers the audience’s interest.


Graphic design, layout and production follow up of a print project.


Concept, making and diplay of graphic elements in a promotional or museum setting.

Web design

Architecture and graphic concept of Internet websites and mobile applications.

A stone has no hope to be anything other than a stone.
But, by collaborating, it assembles and becomes a temple.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


We would like to thank the people who have trusted us
and made us part of their journey to sucess.
Action de Carême, Lausanne
AFIPA, Association Fribourgeoise des Institutions pour Personnes Agées, Fribourg
Alimentarium, Fondation Nestlé, Vevey
Archives de l'Etat de Fribourg
ASSAP, Ass. suisse pour la bureautique et la communication, Neuchâtel
Association Lire et Ecrire, Dompierre
Association Prier-Témoigner, Fribourg
Atelier d'architecture Espace et Environnement, Fribourg
Avenches Tourisme
BCU, Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire, Fribourg
Benoit Lange, Aigle
Bibliothèque nationale suisse, Berne
Bijouterie Grauwiller, Fribourg
Calcutta-Espoir, Aigle
Cantorama, Jaun
Château de Gruyères
Commune de Gruyères, Lausanne
Conservatoire de Fribourg
Coup 'Pouce, les supermarchés de l'occasion, Fribourg
Crèche des Petits Poucets, Fribourg
Da Motus, Danse-performance, Fribourg
Disque Office, Fribourg
ECAB - Etablissement cantonal d'assurance des bâtiments, Fribourg
Echo Magazine, Fribourg
Ecole à la ferme, Berne
Editions Adsolem, Genève
Editions Regard, Fribourg
FEDEVACO, Fédération vaudoise de coopération, Lausanne
Festival d'Opéra, Avenches
Fondation Emploi et Solidarité, Fribourg
Fiduciaire Duchosal, Genève
FIFF, Festival international du film de Fribourg
Fondation Martin Bodmer, Coligny-Genève
Fondation Pro Aventico, Avenches
FRI-ART, Fribourg
FRI-SON, Fribourg
HCSA, Bourguillon
HEF-TS, Haute école fribourgeoise de travail social, Givisiez
Images et atmosphères, Aigle
La Spirale, Jazz-Club, Fribourg
Le Guignol à roulettes, Fribourg
Maison St-Joseph, Châtel-St-Denis
Monastère de la Maigrauge, Fribourg
Monastère d'Hauterive
Musée d'art et d'histoire, Fribourg
Musée d'art et d'histoire, Neuchâtel
Musée de la communication, Berne
Musée gruérien, Bulle
Musée romain de Vallon
Musée romain, Avenches
Office du Tourisme Fribourg
Office du Tourisme Payerne-Estavayer
Office du Tourisme Morat
Pain pour le prochain, Lausanne
Paroisse du Christ-Roi, Fribourg
SAEF, Service archéologique de l'Etat de Fribourg
Swissaid, Lausanne
Transit-txt, Fribourg
Université de Fribourg
Ville de Fribourg

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

Henry Ford


Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting
Get in touch with us.
We work alongside cultural and institutional organisation since 1992. Our business scope is also open to private companies wishing to project a superior image.

We provide a wide range of services covering essential communication needs: concept, design, layout, photography, image processing, museography, events, web design.

You can rely on our experience, our skills and our solid network of partners to make your communication project come to life successfully.
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Listening is to halve what we had to say.

Michel Voss